Import Transportation Requests From AutoIMS

Before completing this section, make sure you have created your Vehicle Records. If you have not done so, please Click here for the instruction.


1A) Working from the AutoIMS Report you customized in Excel, create a new column called 'Vehicle Record'


1B) Locate the Vehicle Record from 'New Vehicle Records' Report (Button is located in the Top Right of the Transportation Management Dashboard)


2) Copy the Data from the Excel Spreadsheet (1A), and select 'Transportation Requests' from the Top Navigation in OMG!



3) From the 'More' dropdown located in the top right, select 'Import/Export'.




4) Complete the following steps in the upload section:

  • Select 'Import into a table from the clipboard'
  • Pick Table should display 'Transportation Requests'
  • Paste the data from the spreadsheet into the box
  • Click Import Data



5) Verify that the data appears in the correct columns. If not, select the correct column name from the dropdown. (Columns to import: Vehicle Record, Related Customer, Date, and Location: City). Click 'Import'


*Note: Data will not not reflect the data in this table. This graphic is for demonstration purposes only.

5) Your Transportation Requests should now appear on the Transportation Management Dashboard under 'Unassigned'. You will need to assign these by selecting 'Grid Edit' from the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the report, and changing the status.

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