Adding a Customer

When adding a new customer, you will want to:

  1. Check to see if the company is already in the system by performing a search.
  2. Click 'Add Customer' to open a new record.



Fill out all of the fields that you wish to record for your customer, and make the appropriate selections for each dropdown. If you see a red asterisk next to a field, it is required. If you see a small yellow circle, you may click on it for more clarification. By entering an address in the 'Search for an address' field, you can quickly locate an address, and automatically populate the rest of the address fields.

When you have finished filling out your record, click the green 'Save' button in the top right corner. If you have another record to add, click the dropdown arrow on the save button, and select 'Save & add another'.

*Note: If you attempt to enter a company name that already exists, the system will alert you.



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